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Privacy & Security

Privacy and Security

At onlinecasinohd.com we take your privacy and security seriously. We guarantee that we will never sell your information and will keep your email address in strict confidence. All information including e-mail addresses are protected against disclosure to any third parties. We strive to form a bond and commitment to strict business and privacy practices.

Here at onlinecasinohd.com, we believe that client relationships are based on honesty and trustworthiness. We understand that the sensitive information that you provide to us is extremely important. That’s why we only collect limited client information. Please keep in mind that onlinecasinohd.com has security measures in place to protect the alteration, misuse or loss of any information that is transferred to our behalf before playing at any one of our blackjack casinos.

onlinecasinohd.com might also occasionally send clients e-mails providing information about our services and sites. If you elect not to receive these e-mails, clients have the choice of opting out of the e-mail list at any time. We want you to know that we taking the issue of spam seriously and our site will never be littered with continual pop-up windows and annoying ads that are sent to you without your permission. Each e-mail that onlinecasinohd.com sends will provide specific instructions on how you can remove your e-mail from our list.

We hold firm to the promise of never sending out unsolicited e-mail from us or any third party and will not share, sell or distribute IP addresses to any person, company or organization. The only time we would ever do so is if we were mandated under the statutes of the law. We do not control or endorse the misuse of third party links that lead out of our website. In order to learn about certain third party specific privacy practices, clients would need to visit those sites directly.

Clients sometimes may see ads that could contain tracking codes. These tracking codes only serve to keep track of how many pay per clicks each advertiser receives and does not in any way, shape or form collect IP addresses or browser information for identification purposes.

Our Security and Privacy Policy is subject to changes and updates at any time in our sole discretion. The changes shall be posted on this page and shall be effective from the time of such posting.

For any questions or concerns regarding our privacy and security statement or our practices put forth on this website, please contact us.