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Scratch Tickets

Free Scratch Cards


Scratch Tickets

Online scratch tickets are the up and coming games that have been seen on a number of casinos these days. That’s because they offer great payouts and good odds, which in turn attracts players on all levels. The scratch off card is a ticket style game that is unique and in its very own niche. They are simple and straightforward and are comparable to real life scratch off lottery tickets. Once you enter the gaming lobbies in the casino, just head for the scratch ticket of your preference to begin playing. Online casinos have found that scratch ticket games attract player’s attention. Quick response time games give casinos a good service reputation and provide rapid payouts to their customers. This increases the casinos popularity across the World Wide Web and serves to bolster better reviews.

How to Scratch Tickets

It’s easy to play online scratch tickets and players can win a certain amount that is equal to that of the win multiplier indicated on the card. If players possess a winning number, the numbers will be highlighted on the virtual card. If the amount on your virtual card is subject to a multiplier, these cards are sometimes referred to as “triple win scratch tickets”. Most scratch ticket plays do not require any special downloads to get started. Generally speaking, the value of your scratch ticket is usually equal to the amount of bet. Players can bet anywhere from $2 to $5 per scratch ticket, but the more you bet; the higher your winnings will be. Try out different scratch ticket games like “Treasure Island”, where you can dig for buried treasure and your scratch ticket becomes the actual map that the game is played on. Numbers lie underneath 16 hidden sections throughout the scratch ticket and you can win as much as $5,000. This game even turns your mouse pointer into a virtual digger so you can uncover your riches. If you decide you don’t like all the fuss, you can also choose to just simply click the scratch off button on the left side of the screen. For each section that the player uncovers, there is a buried jewel awaiting them underneath that will correspond to the specific pattern that will adjust itself into place. If players find all four unique parts that complete the map, they win! Players can still receive the same thrill as playing an actual lottery ticket by playing online.

Scratch Ticket Rules

The first rule is that there really are no rules. All bets are off! There is no specific skill or strategy needed to play scratch off tickets. Simply put, purchase a ticket and scratch it off on your computer screen. Players can purchase scratch tickets for varying amounts, but normally it directly corresponds to the size of an average prize. Sometimes it can be confusing for new players when searching for scratch tickets. They can be found at most online casinos under the Specialty Games section.

Valuable Advantages for Playing Scratch Tickets Online

One of the major benefits to playing scratch tickets via the internet is that online casinos don’t seem to be conservative with handing out prizes. Since online casinos usually offer each other some heavy competition, they will attach a higher payout rate for their scratch ticket games. This of course is great for the player and it also saves you a trip to your local convenience store. If players feels like dropping $20 big ones on a scratch ticket, there is no need to wait in a line until someone buys their loaf of bread. The last great advantage to scratch tickets is that they are easy to play and don’t require any deep thinking. Some scratch tickets will even win you instant prizes.

Playing Advice for Scratch Tickets

Before you get carried away like scratchy the pirate, just remember to keep your bankroll in check. Always set a maximum loss amount for yourself. This will avoid any disappointing losses that might get you into some financial trouble. Think of scratch tickets like a bad rash. All you have to do is sit back, scratch it and hope for the best!